How About A “Training Exercise” In Civics, Citizen!?

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“Dude, there are black helicopters surrounding the Home Depot, are we under attack?” Thus came the phone call from my cousin, standing outside a New Orleans Home Depot at 08:30 P.M. last night. Come to find out, the copters were spotted(1) all over the Big Easy and were the work of Navy SEALS on some kind of “training exercise.” That’s funny, seeing as how a runner in yesterday’s Boston Marathon was making TV news saying he had seen “bomb sniffing dogs” and “bomb lookouts on the roofline” just before(2) the start of yesterday’s Boston Marathon. “Pay no attention to those dogs, citizen!” the runner was told, for they are but “a training exercise.”

Of course, we are all supposed to take the words of our federal overlords at face value, knowing they have but our own safety and pursuit of happiness in mind. Pardon me if I ask exactly WHY an Apache attack helicopter needs to be patrolling the night air over Big Daddy’s in the French Quarter? Is this what Mayor Landrieu meant when he begged the feds(3) to come and police the city because the NOPD can’t? And, why does the United States have enough “intelligence” data stored to fill-up the drives of iPhones(4) you could stack from here to the moon and back; spends $3.8 TRILLION(5) per year and yet still can’t prevent bombs from detonating at very public events?

By the way, here’s a memo to the crowd doing “the wave” over Congress’s latest “gun control” measures. Bombs and terrorism have been BANNED, re-banned then “double secret probation” banned in the United States since 2001. This should mean then that killers using either the device or the practice should be banned as well, right?

Maybe it’s time for citizens to go on some “training exercises” and find out why military training is happening in Louisiana civilian airspace and why we keep being asked to sacrifice liberties for ineffective security.