New York Pizza and Mossy Motors Owners Escape Injury at Boston Marathon

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In all, nearly fifty people from the New Orleans area registered to run the Boston Marathon.

Among them were two husband and wife teams.

By Monday afternoon New York Pizza assistant manager Tierney Brinkman had yet to hear from owners Susan and Wayne Del Corral, In Boston running the marathon, “It`s absolutely devastating. Cell phone traffic is going mad right now. They`re wonderful people and I’m sure we`ll hear from them soon.”

Since the explosions, Brinkman says an outpouring of concern has overwhelmed the Magazine Street pizzeria, “Family and friends and vendors and different people have been calling.

Pointing to a picture she says the  Del Corral’s traveled to the Boston Marathon with two other close friends, “That`s Cathy mossy and her husband Joe Mossy, the owner of Mossy Motors. They`re all there.”

“Joe Mossy was ten minutes from the finish line, him and his wife,” says the GM at Mossy Motors Royal Kraft Jr. “We did hear from his daughter in law and his son. She called to say everything is fine. They`re fine.

Until that phone call, Kraft says workers at the car dealership were waiting on pins and needles, “They didn`t make it to that finish line yet. Fortunately he was slow. They re-routed them before they got to the area where the explosion happened.”

Kraft says the last time Joe Mossy tried to run a marathon super storm Sandy intervened, “The sad part about it, he went to the New York marathon and they cancelled it.”

By the time this story aired Brinkman says she got word the Del Corral’s are safe and sound.

Latest reports indicate all fifty Boston Marathon runners from New Orleans are accounted for.

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