Runner Misses Boston Marathon For Political Race in New Orleans

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Hilary Landry hoped to run in this year’s Boston Marathon.  In fact, she knew exactly how to get her husband and kids excited about the trip.

“I was planning on surprising my kids with a trip to Boston.”

While Landry is an avid runner who loves marathons, she has another race on her hands right now — a race for a judge position.  Earlier this month, when Landry found out she’d been forced into a runoff election, the Boston plans were quickly dropped so she could stay home and campaign.

Monday afternoon, Landry was working with the Girls on the Run program at Academy of the Sacred Heart, Uptown.  Landry works with girls at the school to encourage them to run.  Before they left for the day, Landry huddled up with the girls and told them to be ready to hear about the terrible attack in Boston.  But she also told them to stick with their running programs.

“It [running] only makes you happy.  It only makes you healthy.  You can do it with your girlfriends.  It makes you look better, feel better,  sleep better.”

Landry says perhaps it was fate that she missed the running race for the political one.  But she adds– she was thinking more of her friends, fellow runners, who made the trip to Boston.  She was relieved to know they were all safe and accounted for.

“Everybody shows up at the race thinking they’re safe.  They’re worried about their legs going out, not a bomb going off.”

Landry also expects the bombing attack to lead to changes in security at future races.  But she doesn’t think it will change the resolve of runners to compete in marathons.

“It’s going to take a lot more than two bombs to slow us down,” she said.