Taxi Drivers March on City Hall after Killing

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A group of cab drivers angry over the killing of one of their own marched on city hall Friday morning demanding justice and answers.

Sheico Delbar was shot and killed in his cab Thursday morning in Treme.

Fellow cab drivers are questioning the effectiveness of new security equipment required for all cabs with a recently passed city ordinance.

Delbar is the 23rd cab driver to be killed on the job in New Orleans since 1994.

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  • keith

    Most of the cab drivers in this city are foreigners, and its amazing that these immigrants can march on City Hall, and yet they can't see that this mayor is trying to push them out of the game. But, they worrying about their fellow cabbies getting killed. Well, we been getting KILLED since they freed us, and we ain't marched yet. Oh, the poverty pimps put on a circus, but the actual people haven't marched yet. You know why? Because ain't nobody listening!!!

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