Puppy Love: Rescue Pets Get A Second Chance at Dag’s House

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MARRERO, LA (WGNO) – This is a love story.

Well, story about love is more like it. You see, Lexi and Circles are both rescue dogs that ended up at Dag’s House, a place for special needs animals.

“This is circles, he’s a rescue out of Miami, Florida and someone threw him against a wall… I did another case where a dog was attacked by another dog now she’s a tripod and her name is Lexi,” says Stacy Chaisson, manager of Dag’s House.

Both maimed, both aggressive from past tragedies; they needed help learning how to trust again. That’s where Stacy comes in.

“We used a ballet band to help him get up, the first few weeks were very, very challenging,” admits Chaisson.

Recovery takes time, consistency and lots of kisses , but these two are now on their way to healthy relationships both with other dogs and humans.

Lexi and Circles have made major strides since their rescue.

“A lot of dogs that come to Dag’s House are afraid, they don’t know what’s going to happen to them next.”

And the story doesn’t end there because Dag’s House was really built from love… Funded by rehabilitation services performed at Belladoggie twice a week. Dag’s House crew members will give your dog a deep tissue massage, underwater treadmill session, even acupuncture.

Doggie spa days and donations from the community keep Dag’s House up and running, which means rescue pets like Circles and Lexi get a second chance. That’s the greatest gift of all.

This Sunday, Dag’s House is holding a fundraiser. There will be food, music and a raffle that includes Southwest Airlines tickets. The event costs $10 and will be held at Teravella Manor. For more information visit www.dagshouse.com

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