Jinda’s tax plan that wasn’t

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It was quite shocking that governor Bobby Jindal decided to scrap his tax plan to eliminate all income taxes in Louisiana.  Not because it wasn’t the right thing to do, but because we know very little about the affects of it.

Of the 39 state senators or the 105 house reps, I doubt very many know the real pros and cons of no income tax in Louisiana.  I certainly don’t and that’s what was going to be so exciting about this legislative session: we were all going to learn what no income tax would mean for Louisiana and then the legislature could vote on it.

Instead, Jindal shelved his most ambitious plan as governor.

I don’t know if I’m for or against eliminating the state income tax in Louisiana but I was certainly looking forward to the debate and getting better educated on the subject.  But Jindal got cold feet.   He didn’t want to suffer a loss at the hands of the legislature he once controlled.  Instead of educating all of us on the merits of eliminating the state’s income tax, now we may never know.