Fans on both sides agree New Orleans is a winner

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Basketball fans from near and far gathered outside the New Orleans Arena Tuesday night for a chance to mix and mingle with other sports enthusiasts.

It was the final night of the women’s basketball NCAA Final Four.

As fans filed into the arena, others enjoyed basketball themed challenges that measured participants skill in the sport.

There were activities for basketball enthusiasts who are young, and those young at heart.

Fans we talked to say regardless of tonight’s outcome — women’s basketball is winning as a whole.

“Especially since way back when I played collegiate basketball, we didn’t get to play in gyms and venues like this.” “Women’s sports were not really supported to any extend and to watch thirty thousand people cheering on in high calibre women’s sports is just phenomenal.” Said basketball fan Susan Hudson.

Women’s basketball still has a way to go when it comes to teams making profits.

According to Forbes magazine only a fraction of the division made profits.