Terrilyn Monette Reward Reaches $19,600

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“It’s been a long five weeks,” said Toni Enclade Monday afternoon at the NOPD’s Third District Station.

Enclade is the mother of missing teacher Terrilyn Monette.  She was speaking at a podium during a Crimestoppers news conference with family, police, and others behind her.

Crimestoppers was announcing that thanks to donations, the reward in the case reached $19,600.  Crimestoppers says it’s the largest reward in recent history for a case that has also attracted the most calls in the same period of time.

But as family members pleaded in front of the cameras for their nightmare to end, the “missing” signs that all but wallpapers some areas of New Orleans were beginning to dwindle.

“It’s not going to get lost.  As long as my eyes are open, it’s not going to get lost,” said Enclade when asked if she was worried the public might forget about her missing daughter.

Monette was last seen outside of a Lakeview bar.  Search crews checked area bayous for her vehicle but found nothing.  Police have also spoken with a few joggers who may have been in the area during the early morning hours when Monette disappeared.

Family members insist Monette is still alive.  They believe she is being held against her will somewhere.

But New Orleans police added no new information Monday afternoon about the case.  In fact, they wouldn’t even answer questions.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

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