Laura’s Candies celebrates 100 years

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2013 holds big things for a quaint French Quarter candy store.

Laura’s Candies is celebrating 100 years. They claim to be the oldest candy store in New Orleans and while owners have come and gone, and the address has changed, they still make their products the old fashioned way.

“It’s very old school. Especially when you get back in the kitchen, you could see those big kettles that come out of the ground. We do everything, all homemade, from scratch in the back. It’s not factory made by machines. Everything is done by hand,” explains Chef Cheryl Kemp.

Laura’s Candies recipes date back to 1913 when the first store was established on Canal Street. Today the shop is nestled on Chartres Street and inside Chef Cheryl Kemp is busy. She cooks 30 to 40 pounds of candy a week.

“Yesterday we probably shipped out almost 200 orders out FedEx yesterday alone,” says Kemp.

Laura’s is full of bright, candy coated treats, but the real treat here is the chocolate and the pralines. They pride themselves on being one of the only stores that makes the original creole pralines.

You can sample everything they make and people often do!

“A couple weeks ago we had someone take all the samples here and run out. You never know, it’s just the way it is here in the French Quarter,” exclaims Kemp.