Preventing bad allergies indoors this allergy season

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New Orleans ranks 13th for worst allergies in the country, according to Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Pollen is the culprit making everyone sneeze, and sniffle.   Going indoors won’t necessarily solve your allergy woes.

“As you’ll be spending time indoors to prevent flare ups of seasonal allergies, you want your air conditioners running at their highest efficiency to help you get through spring and summer”, Chloe Pullen, Pullen Air Conditioning, said.

Pullen said filtering the air in your home can make a huge difference is air quality.   In home/indoor air cleaners do the trick.

“There are certain models that can filter up to 99 percent of particulates in the air.   It’s absolutely a way to combat allergy symptoms by cleaning the air within your home,”  she said.

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