Jabbar Singleton

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Brother Martin’s Jabbar Singleton has proven his mettle in football and basketball.

In football he rushed for 1,422 yards and accounted for 16 touchdowns.

In hoops, Singleton led his team to the class 5A quarterfinals.  The stocky point guard scored 10 points a game, averaged 6 assists, almost 5 rebounds and three steals a game.

He will sign with Oral Roberts University on April 17th.

“What I have been saying since day one: he couldn’t make a bad choice,” says Brother Martin football coach Mark Bonis. “He’s a tremendous athlete, great football player, great basketball player. My biggest thing is that I am happy, he’s happy.”

“[Basketball]is the sport I love the most,” Singleton says. “I am most happy playing it. I am happy playing football, too, but I am happy to play basketball in college.”

Brother Martin basketball coach Bill Gallagher said he was surprised that more schools didn’t pursue Singleton earlier: “I really didn’t understand how people were so late recruiting him, because he plays so hard.”

Singleton said now that he’s fulltime hoops, he will drop weight. He plans to lose 10 pounds to get down to 180.