Ticks, Flies & Videotape

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“This is where dey serve our food at…. right dere go the showers…right dere is da food cart… dey serving our food right next to our filthy showers…look, I’m in my underwear and I’m standing right next to da food.” That’s a brief transcript of the now infamous videos shot INSIDE the Orleans Parish Prison(1) which could now double as the set of a John Carpenter film “Escape From New Orleans.”

It is truly embarrassing to watch the criminal class conduct health inspections of the Prison on videotape, not for the prisoners mind you but for the liberals elected and appointed who run this asylum for the criminally unhygienic. Yet New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu seems only embarrassed by the fact that he hasn’t shamed the Obama Administration into “taking over” the prison. While most of the Southern United States are trying to chase the federal government out of our affairs, pols like Landrieu beg for the opposite.

Leave aside for the moment the sordid images of prisoners cavorting about on Bourbon Street or drinking tall boys of beer or searching in vain for a vein to shoot up with inside the prison and consider for a moment this sad state of affairs outside the jail: The mayor of a major U.S. City is boasting about a new infrastructure project that will cost $226 MILLION to build. No, it’s not a modern aquifer or foolproof levy. It’s a prison to house this city’s – bursting at the seams- criminal element not to mention the $30 million per year it costs to run the jail. While Landrieu blames sheriff Gusman and Gusman blames the lack of funding, the city gets the black eye.

Apparently former mayor Moon Landrieu never told his children Mitch and Mary, Ronald Reagan’s famous joke about the Federal government whose punchline is “Hello, I’m from the Federal Government and I’m here to help.” Landrieu was elected to deal with these problems not outsource them to the people who managed bin Ghazi and Solyndra.

(1) http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2013/04/orleans_parish_prison_videos_p.html#incart_most-comments