Read a book, Eat a book: NOMA’s Edible Book Day

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NEW ORLEANS – Watch as the pages of this book, “The Amazing Adventure of Mardi Gras Bead Dog” come to life.

Lauren Laxton’s a decorator at Haydel’s Bakery.  She’s been working tirelessly to make this cake for the New Orleans Museum of Art’s Edible Book Day.   Laxton’s baking the cake to compete in The New Orleans Museum of Art’s Edible Book contest, where professionals and other locals get the chance to showcase their delicious delights inspired by books.

“With this contest I really wanted to show the characters in a big way,”  Laxton said.

A cake with larger than life characters, all from a book that’s made a big impact on Haydel’s Bakery.

“It’s a great book.  It really showcases the magic of the city of New Orleans and why it’s not like anywhere else on Earth,”  Meredith Timberlake, Haydel’s Brand Development, said.

Timberlake said there was no doubt about it that their book written by Cornell Landry and illustrated by Sean Gautreaux would transcend perfectly from paper to cake.

“We certainly didn’t have to look far for inspiration for this cake.  I hope when people see the cake and book, that they are more inclined to reading it, ”  Timberlake said.

Promoting reading through eating…now that leaves a sweet taste.

“Reading and eating cake, those are two of my personal favorite things.”

Edible Book Day is Friday, April 5th at NOMA starting at 5 p.m.

There will be cake demonstrations and cake tastings at the event.

Judges will judge the cakes on Funniest, Best Visual Presentation, Most Like a Book, Most Creative, and Professional.