Jindal’s tax plan is why his approval ratings are dropping

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A little over a year ago, Governor Bobby Jindal enjoyed an approval rating of over 60%, meaning 6 out of 10 Louisiana residents approved of how Jindal was governing the state.  The latest numbers show the opposite.  6 out of 10 citizens now don’t approve of the job Jindal is doing.  His approval rating now is at just 38%.

Obviously, Jindal’s tax plan – his most ambitions initiative as governor – is the reason.  The Governor wants to join states like Texas and Florida that have no income tax.  Those state have vibrant economies, but also have the largest disparity between rich and poor in the country.  So Jindal’s tax plan at the least is very controversial, and most likely, is not going to pass.

Throw in Jindal’s propensity towards massive cuts in health care and education, which during his time in office add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a day on average, make him even less popular as governor.

Jindal has done a lot to change the perception of our state.  He’s done an excellent job of bringing quality jobs to Louisiana, but his tax plan, along with massive cuts to health care and education, has crippled his popularity.