Video Shows Substandard Conditions And Prison Security Breach

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capture A loaded handgun, narcotics, and cell phones behind prison walls; and it’s all caught on tape.

It shows shocking conditions within the Orleans Parish Prison System.

“That`s that Glock 40, take the clip out and let them see how the clip looks,” an inmate says.

It plays like a gritty documentary film, instead it’s amateur video that gives a candid look at conditions inside the now shuttered Orleans Parish House of Detention.

‘They got a n**** locked down,” an inmate says “You know what I’m saying. I`m talking about a little bit of cash, you can get what you want in here. You heard me?’

The video was released in federal court as evidence supporting the need to reform the jail.

Perhaps nothing screams serious security breach more than a loaded handgun that found its way behind prison walls.

‘That`s how it`s going down, you heard me.” another inmate said on tape. “I`m talking about he`s jacking the dice game, he`s jacking the dice game, he`s jacking the dice game.” “You think it`s a game?’

Portions of the years old video, show inmates snorting cocaine, and bragging about a stash of Vicodin, and Percocet.

The video even shows an inmate drawing heroin into a syringe, and shooting up.

‘Short that fucking heroin, that`s how we rocking in OPP,’ an inmate boasts.

Camera hungry inmates, want it to be known they were in the Orleans Parish Prison; living in substandard conditions, calling out the man they say is responsible.

“Marlin Gusman he don`t do nothing for us, this how we living so nasty,” an inmate said.

Exposed, are molded-mildewed showers, steps away from the food line.

“No gloves, no nets, right by the shower,” said an inmate who gives a tour.

Prison cells were so crowded, inmates were literally tripping over each other, sleeping and eating on floors.

And inmate says to the camera, “This n*** got 14 men, n***** in this b****, 10 man cell they got 14 n***** in this b**** man, that`s cold blooded. N***** sleeping on the floor, getting bit by spiders and s***.”

Yet somehow these prisoners still managed to enjoy amenities, you’d never expect within a cell block.

“Well you know we getting it in, we getting it in cuz they greedy for money. They`ll do anything for money. They love money,” an inmate bragged.

“Pop that can open man, pop that can open man; Budweiser, Budweiser,” an inmate said. “Drink for the camera.”

The video was released on day two of a week-long hearing.

It will be up to the judge to decide if the proposed consent decree is warranted over the city’s objections

over cost.