The New Nanny in Town

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The iconic Nanny has gone through some extreme  characterizations over the years… Some for the better… Some for the worse…. Luckily for Allyson and Jake, their real-life nanny experience has been picture perfect.

“It’s really the best thing we could have done, not only for us but for Camille, ” says Allyson.

Both new parents and working parents, Allyson and Jake were faced with a dilemma when choosing childcare for baby Camille.

“There’s not a lot that caters to infants, there were none that I could just pay for part-time care, we had to pay for full-time even though I was looking for part-time” she says.

Mother and entrepreneur Kristen St. Onge says there has been a void in New Orleans childcare.

“I’ve not only been a professional nanny and had an agency, I’ve worked in the daycare centers around here and I was not too impressed,”  says St. Onge. “I don’t think a lot of people realize that a nanny is an option.”

That is why she created Natural Nannies Nola and what is unique, they offer nanny sharing where multiple families split the cost of a single nanny. It is essentially nanny quality care at an affordable price.

The infant to caregiver ratio at a daycare center can be 6 to 1 or higher. For a family who is seeking more individualized care, nanny sharing provides another alternative.

That was the selling point to Allyson and Jake “With the cost of so many early learning centers, it actually wound up being about even or less than the really high-end ones but I know my baby is getting individual care and can socialize with one other baby” says Allyson.

A nanny may not be right for your family, but for Allyson and Jake, Natural Nanny Amy has been a natural fit.

For more information, visit their website