Pontchartrain & Lincoln Beaches: Why do New Orleanians neglect our natural resources?

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Another summer is almost here and it’ll be another summer without Pontchartrain Beach and Lincoln Beach.  I wish this were an April Fools’ joke, but it’s not.

For over half a century we’ve let Lincoln Beach sit idle.  That’s right, over 50 years!  A wonderful natural beach on the lake in New Orleans east off Hayne Boulevard, closed to the public.  The water by Lincoln Beach is some of the cleanest in the lake.

A few miles west of Lincoln Beach is the old Pontchartrain Beach amusement park.  We abandoned that wonderful beach  over 30 years ago.  There really is no excuse for this.

Lincoln and Pontchartrain Beaches should be opened immediately.  They are natural beaches, not man made.    The city isn’t liable for accidents or drowning at these beaches anymore so than Gulfport, Mississippi or Destin, Florida are for their beaches.

It is utterly ridiculous that these natural areas aren’t open.  The sad part is, the city – or its citizens – don’t seem to care.   Other metro areas would cut off an arm to have these natural wonders and we just let them sit, fenced off, closed to the public.    How many more generations of New Orleanians have to wait to actually enjoy the natural beaches on Lake Pontchartrain?  It’s time we open Lincoln and Pontchartrain Beaches immediately.


  • aaron

    What would it take to open them? The city needs them back. What woukd it take to get people to care and join in on a plan to brong atleast one of the beaches back

  • Johanna K Starnes

    It saddens me that lake pontchartrain is deserted & appears that future generations will never get to enjoy this jewel.Some of the best times i ever had as a child growing up in the 70’s were spent at Lake Pontchatrain.

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