Bill Could Pull Purse Powers From St Tammany Coroner

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The Louisiana legislature could get involved in the St Tammany Coroner case.

Dr. Peter Galvan is accused of lavish spending of taxpayer dollars.

St Representative Tim Burns plans to introduce a bill that will remove Galvan’s powers to spend his office’s tax dollars and instead transfer the power to the parish council.

“I was very troubled from the beginning.  Of course, it just gets worse and worse and worse,” Burns said of the allegations against the coroner that include everything from pricey automobile detailing to trips, dinners, and pay increases.

“When the payroll records didn’t match up with the vacation time spent and paid for,” St Tammany Parish President responded when asked when the allegations began to seriously concern her.

In 2004, Galvan showed voters his crumbling office and asked for higher taxes to build a new facility.

Eventually, not only did the coroner’s office get a dedicated revenue stream, Galvan controlled it — not the parish council.

Burns’ plan would take away the fiscal spending powers of the office and transfer them to the parish council.

Galvan has not commented on the allegations and did not for WGNO News.



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