ProjectNOLA Growth Equals Safer Neighborhoods

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A crime-fighting program is growing, and with your help, it can be even more effective.

“I think it’s a great program,” Lauren Ayala said. “I have some friends who have the camera.”

Ayala is the newest member of the ProjectNOLA network.

For four years the non-profit has placed cameras throughout the city of New Orleans.

Currently there are more than 350 cameras in use.

“They’re HD and they work very well,” said ProjectNOLA Director Bryan Lagarde.

From Uptown to downtown, high tech cameras are keeping close watch; for example, at Conti and Burgundy Streets.

CRIME CAMERA“The camera is mounted here in the French quarter, but the footage can be monitored live from a remote location,” WGNO’s Darian Trotter explained.

ProjectNOLA the records footage, and in many cases turns it over to New Orleans police to fight crime.

“Numerous, homicides, shootings, thefts, home invasions, robberies; the entire gamut of things,” Lagarde said.

Crime cameras , like the one that captured images of the man allegedly beaten by three teenagers, are helping put criminals behind bars.

New Orleans Police Public Information Director Remi Braden issued a statement saying, “The NOPD sincerely appreciates ProjectNOLA`s sharing of crime video, as well as the assistance of business owners and residents who also share crime video recorded by their cameras. In many cases, such video is critical in making arrests.”

Bryan Lagarde says the program is growing.

He’s working with NOPD detectives so frequently that he’s able to contact them directly; in some cases, while crime is in progress.

“We work well with them,” Lagarde said. “They’re hardworking and we’re always happy to help them in any capacity that we can with the crime cameras.”

Ayala is looking forward to her camera and her partnership with ProjectNOLA.

“Anytime there’s something that happens in the area, you know they’ll have footage of it and its great,” Ayala said.

The NOPD says one of the first things officers investigate, at a crime scene is whether security cameras are in use.

With the help of ProjectNOLA, detectives are coming across helpful footage, more and more.

If you’d like more information about project NOLA, call (504) 298–9117.


  • bro. Keith "X"

    I wonder why none of these cameras catches these rogue cops on the NOPD violating citizens' constitutional rights! Oh my bad, I forgot, there only there to catch the Black criminals.

    • Derek K

      Dear sir please understand that this article is about catching criminals. This does not state that Projectnola is just going after black criminals. I know first hand that they help out with all sorts of crimes. Please be kinder when posting and if you feel that way, then you should be more involved with helping catch criminals. For more information you can contact Mr. Lagarde on the Projectnola line posted above.

  • popseal

    It's sad to watch my home town self destruct. Naturally it's not the whole place, just those areas dominated by…….wait, this just in…..until there is a sweeping renewal of the Judeo Christian ethic and spirituality, the metropolitan nervous break down will continue .

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