Sherman Copelin, simply put, is not a good guy

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I have to admit I thought it was good news this morning when I found out ex-House rep. Sherman Copelin was arrested.

This is the old New Orleans East cancer who has been stealing from us for decades.  It’s his M.O.  It’s part of his DNA.

Sherman Copelin, simply put, is not a good guy.   I’ll never forget when I was at LSU in Baton Rouge getting an undergraduate degree and working summers at the legislative session.  I remember then-governor Buddy Roemer desperately trying to shake the state free of the death grip of Edwin Edwards and the downward spiral the state was in.  Copelin was speaker Pro Tem at the time and fought every reform.

You see Copelin, and his boss Edwards, liked it that way.  Why change a system they can all profit illegally from?

Edwards is a crook.  He went to jail to prove it.  Now Copelin, who actually testified with immunity in one trial that he stole from tax payers on numerous occasions, is finally getting his.

Copelin is being charged with contractor fraud and theft.  He’s obviously innocent until proven guilty.  Considering his guilty past, things don’t look so good for Sherman Copelin.   But do they do for us!