A Garden of Love: Samuel Green’s Edible Schoolyard

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Students at Samuel J. Green Charter School know what their garden is made of.

“Made of love and caring,”  7th grader, Rita Gillette said.

Gillette, along with other classmate, Robert Letterman wouldn’t trade in this kind of hands-on experience for anything.

The Edible Schoolyard at Samuel Green is where students learn how to grow, harvest, and cook their very own fruits and vegetables.

“I think the most important part is that kids get to see where the food comes from,”   Lead Chef Educator, Katie Pedroza, said.

Pedroza feels like their schoolyard gives the students the opportunity to learn about healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables.

One of the most unique things about the garden is everything is edible.  Even some flowers and plants that don’t look like you can eat them.

“Having a child taste something that they are convinced they won’t like and then they try it, and they think it’s delicious.  Those are the days you go home and know you did your job right,”  Pedroza said.

Teachers hope the lessons their students learn will go with them as they grow.

“That these lessons go back to their homes.  That they eat this way at home, and as they grow into adults.  Hopefully this is how they will choose to eat their food,”  Pedroza said.

Every year the Edible Schoolyard holds it’s “Edible Evening” for the community.  It’s a major fundraiser for the schoolyard.   Guests really get the chance to see what the garden’s made of.   A garden in which these kids learn many lessons.

The Edible Schoolyard is located at 2319 Valence Street.   For more information, call 504-267-9053.


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