Welcome to America: home of the free and the brave … and soon homosexual marriage

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Tomorrow the United States Supreme Court will decide if California’s ban on gay marriage is legal.  This landmark decision will change the way America legally looks at gay marriage.  And that’s a good thing.

Limiting homosexuals’ rights simply because of their sexual preference obviously isn’t very American.  It isn’t what our country has always stood for: equality for all, including homosexuals.

As early as just last century, blacks and women could not vote.  How would you have liked to have been on the wrong side of that, arguing women or black folks don’t have the mental capacity to vote?!?   That was the argument back then.

What would be the argument today to not allow homosexuals to marry?   A marriage is between a man and a woman?   When the heterosexual divorce rate is above 50%, who are we to judge?  We aren’t.  That’s why the Supreme Court is ruling on this vitally important topic as early as tomorrow.

Allowing homosexuals to marry is long overdue and you don’t want to be on the wrong side of that argument.  Welcome to America.   Home of the free and the brave.  And soon homosexual marriage.

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