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Medical School Student Makes Bow Ties

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Meet Benjamin Azevedo: a young man with an interesting title.

“Founder of New Orleans Bow Ties and medical student,” says Azevedo.

Azevedo credits his mother with teaching him how to sew years ago and medical school with forcing him to activate his creative side.

“For me especially, but I think for a lot of people, there’s kind of two sides to the brain. There’s the left side which is the analytical, rational side of the brain and then there’s the right side which is the creative, artistic, out there side of the brain. When I got to medical school it seemed like I was very left brain. I needed something, a release, to get the right side.”

Azevedo started creating bow ties as a hobby as a second year Tulane University medical school student, but they soon took off. It’s hard to believe, but Azevedo had never worn a bow tie until he moved to New Orleans. He didn’t even know how to tie one at first.

“That is probably  the biggest barrier to people trying on a bow tie is they go, ‘I don’t know how to tie one,’ but it’s very easy to learn. It’s actually the same knot at you would tie on a shoe,” says Azevedo, “This city has really inspired the project itself. There’s so many amazing things about New Orleans that make this the greatest city in the world, and I think there’s just great things to highlight about it, and doing that through bow ties is sort of my medium.”

To see Benjamin Azevedo’s latest bow ties click here.

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