NOPD updates on search for Terrilyn Monette

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CaptureOn Friday, New Orleans Police Lt. Christopher Kalka updated the public on the search for Terrilyn Monette:

On the night she disappeared, Monette went to a restaurant on Frenchmen Street, then to a restaurant on Veterans Blvd, then to Parlay’s on Harrison Ave in Lakeview. According to interviews with bartenders that served her and the people she met during the night, Monette did not consume an excessive number of alcoholic drinks and was never cut off by any bartender.

Her phone’s battery died shortly after midnight.

At about 3:30 a.m., Monette reportedly left Parlay’s and went to her car with a friend, who stayed with her for about 45 minutes. He left her in the car, passed out in the driver’s seat to let her “sleep it off.”

Surveillance cameras in the area recorded her leaving the parking lot alone in the car. Traffic cameras in the area did not appear to show any cars following her at that time.

Shortly after her car passed the traffic camera at Marconi Drive and Harrison Avenue a jogger passed the same location. That jogger has not been identified, but is asked to come forward, as they may have information that may help the investigation.

Monette’s car was never seen on the traffic camera on Robert E Lee near her apartment.

Detectives have received 94 tips via Crime Stoppers; 330 people helped search City Park; 7 detectives are working the investigation, with 2 directly assisting Equusearch.

Detectives are still doing interviews, especially with people identified as “aggressive sex offenders within a 2-mile radius,” according to Lt. Kalka, and they are still canvassing neighborhoods looking for information.


  • Rhetta

    What FRIEND would let you sleep in a car by yourself!!!! Especially a woman. Aren't real friends suppose to make sure you get home safely!!! This should have never happened. Now the family of Terrilyn is wondering, praying, and grieving about their loved one. Lord please give this family closure. Ask questions, did this friend make sure that her car door was locked, does she have a tracker on her cell phone, did someone put something in her drink!!!! Is that an APB out on her in other states! Terrilyn, we are praying for you.

  • M.Paris

    I am alwayz in City Park almost everyday…And I ride down Marconi alwayz to get from City Park to the Lake I know the area like the back of my hand…And if her car wasnt spotted on Robert E Lee….Then Someone got her at he intersection before at Macorni and Filmore..Im guessing the suspect went left on Filmore st into City Park going towards Weisiner st in a woody area…Im saying this way because to the right on Filmore is residential going towards Canal blvd…My gut tells me someone waited at the intersection of Filmore and Marconi with their lights off waiting for her (or a single female of some sort) ….At that dark no camera intersection and T- Boned her car..Making her get out of the car to assist the wreak…then she was chased down and abducted and car jacked….Maybe to the port of Orleans where they have shipping containers that load up on ships to be deported…they need to investigate all international cargo since then…I have lived here for over 20 yrs..I know the ends and out of New Orleans…and how someone could get out of the state right quick..also they need to investigate all cameras on all highways..leading out…her car will probably be dented up in the front.

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