Endangered piglet born at Audubon Zoo

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – “It’s always a big deal when we are able to have babies at the zoo. The public love it, the staff loves it and it’s good for the species. There’s only 14 zoos that exhibit Babirusas and so every piglet is very valuable,” says curator of mammals Joe Forys.

Fig is the fourth piglet born at Audubon Zoo since 2005. She was born January 24th. Figs happen to be one of the Babirusas favorite fruits in the wild.

Babirusas are primarily from the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. They are threatened in the wild due to primarily illegal hunting and habitat loss.

“Her mom is real skittish. Betty is real skittish, but Fig is rock solid. She is fearless. Nothing seems to phase her; first day out on exhibit she walked out here like she owned the place. She’s not afraid of the otters, she’s not afraid of birds that fly over, she’s not afraid of loud noises, she likes strangers.”

Fig will live at Audubon Zoo for a year or two and then she’ll go on to another zoo and hopefully be paired up with a male to make more piglets. You can visit her at the zoo’s Asian Domain Exhibit.

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