Fashion Week New Orleans Returns

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Like most emerging designers, 27-year-old Brook Lynn Wright wants to get her name and fashions out there for the world to see. This week she’ll get her biggest break yet! She’s getting ready to show her line on the runway at Fashion Week New Orleans.

“It’s great that there are these opportunities here to help me go where I want to go,” says Wright.

For the third year Fashion Week has landed in the Crescent City, and this year it’s bigger than ever with close to 40 designers showing on the coveted runway.

Designer Molly Stackhouse says, “It’s a reason to make collections; I’ll probably be sewing girls into them.  It’s not preferable but?”

Keeping everything running smoothly is visionary Tacee Dundas whose home looks more like a fashion house. After Hurricane Katrina she had plans to move to New York, but quickly realized she could make her dream come true right here.

“it was like a light bulb went off, and I thought well let’s not go to New York, let’s just create something here,  let’s build our own fashion industry back because we had lost a lot of it due to Katrina. Everyone’s building their lives back, but when it came to fashion we weren’t stepping up like we should be,” says Dundas.

Fashion Week New Orleans kicks off Wednesday with a rooftop party at The W Hotel. Runway shows will happen Thursday through Sunday at the Sugar Mill.

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