Metairie Priest Survives Violent Atempt to Rob Church

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A priest beaten with a crowbar and held up at gunpoint Sunday night is back at church and in good spirits.

The two attackers remain on the loose.

Father Peter Finney endured strikes with a crowbar after two armed men broke into St. Clement of Rome Parish Catholic church, looking for collection money.

When the priest couldn`t open the safe, Jefferson Parish Sheriff`s Office says one of the suspects beat Father Peter with a crowbar.

When father peter saw an opening, he escaped from his captors, who got away empty handed.

Father peter was at the bus top after school saying good bye to kids.

But after a long and frightening ordeal, he politely declined to re-live it again.

Father peter did mention…  Other than a few bumps on the neck and shoulders… He feels fine.

After a horrifying night of being pummeled at the hands of two assailants we`re told father peter was up bright and early leading the morning mass.

Plus, Father Peter turned twenty nine years old on Monday.

The two armed men had bandana’s covering their face and both were wearing dark hoodies.

The Arch Diocese of New Orleans said in a statement, they want people to keep those two suspects in their prayers.