Camera Footage Helps Track Missing Teacher

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New Orleans Police say security camera video is helping to shed light into the disappearance of a West Bank school teacher.

Family, friends, and co-workers of Terrilyn Monette have canvassed a broad area for clues; now police have released  new details that should narrow the search.

“They’re narrowing it down exactly,” said co-worker Ronda Jones. “So hopefully we’ll get even closer than we are now.”

The second-grade teacher told friends she was going to take a nap in her car after a night of heavy drinking two weeks ago at a Lakeview bar.

Police say security cameras show Monette left the parking lot around 5:15 the next morning.

Camera footage from three separate red light cameras, as well as cameras from businesses and private homes, show Monette was in her car alone.

“At least they know she was not kidnapped or taken0 from the parking lot; and she was able to operate the vehicle,” concerned citizen Rick Oster said.

Ronda Jones says the Woodland West community is excited about new the developments.

“Everybody’s like oh my god, did you hear, did you hear?” “And so everyone suddenly feeling was like oh thank you like a relief to at least know a little bit more information,” Jones said.

monnette+4Investigators say camera footage shows Monette drove east-bound on Harrison Avenue, then turned north-bound on Marconi Drive, toward her home.

They also know she drove into City Park; where there have been extensive search efforts.

Texas-based Equusearch has been using sonar equipment to track leads in nearby bodies of water.

Rick Oster says the new information is helpful to anyone following the case.

“The people of New Orleans have responded in a caring way, and want to do all they can to help in the search; and the awareness is high,” Oster said. “So people are on the lookout, and certainly I am as I go through the park.” “It’s on my mind.”

Crews with Equusearch have gone back to Texas to get additional equipment.

They’ll return, and plan to resume their search Tuesday.


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