Battle over the CCC lights is typical Louisiana politics

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What a joke!   Back on Friday night the lowest of the low political hacks turned the lights out on the Crescent City Connection.

Our “good ole boy network” of career politicians turned the decorative lights out on the bridges crossing the river in downtown New Orleans.  Not because there is no money but because they wanted to make a dramatic statement to influence your toll renewal vote come May 4th.  It’s typical Louisiana sleazy politics.   But what would you expect from a bunch of lightweights?

The resume-less Alarios and Heitmeiers of the world are up to their usual: playing politics.  It’s Louisiana politics at it worst and it’s what they do best.

It costs around $47 in electricity a night to power up the decorative lights on the Mississippi River bridge in downtown New Orleans, yet on Friday night those lights went dark.   The state said the money was there if only someone from the metro area would request it.  The Young Leadership Council, the folks most responsible for the light on the bridge in the first place, had the money as well, just in case the state didn’t.  But the lowlife politicians we keep electing, that work for themselves not us, didn’t make the request.

You see,  the effect of the light being turned off helps their case in that May election.  Besides having the money to keep the lights on and choosing to not use it, these worthless politicians are now playing games with us and our bridge!  The jokers that desperately don’t want to work and want us to bail them out with a 20 year toll renewal are responsible for this and no one else.

The money is more than there for the decorative light on the Crescent City Connection.   Call your elected officials and demand that they be turned back on today!