NOPD Hopes New Beating Video Develops Leads

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cop_lightsNew Orleans Police hope new video of a violent attack will help make a break in the case.

“He received several fractures to his face and several lacerations to his face,” Detective Michael Flores said.

New Orleans Police have released more disturbing video of that violent attack that occurred over the weekend.

The victim was walking home late last Saturday night when he was ambushed by three young men wielding bottles.

“Bottles, fists, and was also kicked in the head,” Flores described.

The new video is more vivid and gives a more horrific account of the terror the victim experienced.

The attack has dominated conversations at the nearby ‘Friendly Bar.’

“One of the neighbors told us that these kids just went into the garbage, took out a beer bottle and went after this man and just beat him up,” bar manager Debbie Rulh said.

It happened at the corner of Chartres and Mandeville.

The same intersection where neighbors say dozens have recently been robbed; including these two.

“It doesn’t feel safe and it’s really frustrating,” robbery victim Jenny Wiltfong said.

“I’ve lived here seven years no and pretty much everyone I know has been robbed in the last couple of months in this neighborhood in particular,”  robbery victim Jamie Midgley said.

Now neighbors are worried about the most recent victim; whose said to still be in the hospital, and may require extensive cosmetic surgery.

“While he was on the ground he also, it appears on surveillance video that he was being taunted and was struck several more time while lying on the ground,” Flores said.

Friends and neighbors are pulling together resources to increase the Crimestoppers reward money.

Police want to hear from anyone who recognizes the men in security camera video.

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  • nicile warren

    I think they need to put an undercover cop out in that area to set them up. Nd when the go to attack that person they would be captured

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