Fabio visits New Orleans

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NEW ORLEANS – When Fabio enters the Hotel Monteleone, heads turn and ladies swoon.

“He is a gentleman with class, grace and style, very well-behaved little boy,” says foster mom Joani Ellis from Florida Poodle Rescue.

This is Fabio’s first trip to the Big Easy, unfortunately, the road to get here has been anything but Easy Street.

Joani and Fabio flew in Wednesday from Tampa International Airport and she says the trip is the least she could do “His previous owner cut his feet off, admitted to cutting his feet off so he would not climb a chain link fence and escape. He’s here to get new feet so he can run and play with the rest of the dogs.”

He’s here for a new lease on life by way of custom-made shoes. A team of specialists from Moon Orthopedics made molds of Fabio’s hind legs. The new kicks will ease pain and discomfort plus help distribute his weight evenly.

“We’ll use plastic, heat up plastic, wrap it around that plaster positive and that’s where the mold will come from. He’s going to have similar height to what he would’ve had and he’s going to have support up here on the leg he still has, he’s going to run around like he does and wants to without wearing out those fleshy little tips,” says Corey Rodriguez.

Finally, the last stop on a long journey, Dag’s House, a place for special needs animals just like Fabio. There he’ll receive some R&R, even a brand new set of wheels.”

Grateful for her team of support, Joani says the trip has been worth it “today went fabulous, everything I expected and more. The outpour of love for Fabio and the plan to get Fabio a full life to walk down the sidewalk, it’s everything I envisioned and more. It’s just amazing to me.”

Through the kindness and compassion of shelter pet advocates, Fabio is now well on his way to finding a new home.

For information on adoption, visit floridapoodlerescue.org  and for information on Dag’s House visit facebook.com/dagshouse

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