DOTD Turns off CCC Decorative Lights. Roadway Remains Lit.

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The Crescent City Connection bridging the east and west banks, no longer illuminates the skyline of New Orleans.

The Department of Transportation and Development turned out the lights.

“The lights have already been deactivated,” says Young Leadership Council President Richard Pavlick.

Pavlick says the YLC told the DOTD they have money now to pay for two and a half months of electricity to keep the bridge lit.

He says the YLC and DOTD agreed twenty years ago that the YLC would raise private funds to put the lights up.  In return the state would pay the electric bill to keep them on, “We’re told the agreement does not stand anymore.”

In an email the DOTD tells WGNO, “It is the responsibility of the regional planning commission and local officials to fund the decorative lighting.”

Plaquemines parish president Billy Nungessor blames political squabbling for the delay, “Somehow the maneuvering, they couldn`t get the cooperative endeavor agreement done. It should stay lit. But we shouldn`t be playing politics with that, the grass cutting. You know, people talking about crime and everything else.”

“It`s our position that these lights actually went up before the tolls were in place. So we think there should be a dedicated funding source, whatever that might be,” says Pavlick. “Stay tuned. We`re still working at it and I certainly hope we can find a solution to get those lights back on.”

Nungessor is optimistic the lights will be back on by next week, “Hopefully we can get that cooperative endeavor agreement together, get those lights back on and we need to make sure this election goes through and the people have a voice.”

Lights that illuminate the roadway are still on and will remain on.


  • kim miller

    Its really SAD that the people n office are play games with the people of Louisiana. Just to keep the toll on the bridge. You guys have already collected 400 million for 20yrs. So, pls tell how n the h u need 20 more yrs 2 steal money and have nothing 2 show for it. U guys have money but want 2 keep for watever b.s. using it for. So,keep luring abt the light,ferry,bridge,grass cut. All I know the ppl on Jefferson,other part la is tried of the lies and stealing and u guysvr doin with the money

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