How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Pope

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Habemus Papam, Habemus Papam! The faithful chanted in St. Peter’s Circle yesterday as the latest earthbound representative of St. Peter, Pope Francis was named and then spoke his first public words. Soon thereafter the vulgar and predictable Catholic Church bashing began in earnest.

On my radio show this morning, I, as a practicing, Traditional-Catholic, was asked to defend the priest child abuse scandals, the celibacy vow, the prohibition against women priests, married priests and “gay” priests, fasting requirements, tithing, bans on divorce, regular confessions, Latin prayers, the Latin language, the Holy Trinity, the Ave Maria, the Pater Noster, Holy Mary, Peter Paul & Mary, the transfiguration,  the Immaculate conception, purgatory, sins, 7 deadly sins, Dante, Dante’s inferno, Disco Inferno, the Martyrs, the Saints, the New Orleans Saints, St Augustus, St Martin, St Charles, no not the Street St Charles the Archbishop of Milan, bans on contraception, birth control and meat on Fridays ; defend your Lent, Advent, sins for excessive rent, BIG tents, and stem cell experiments.

I probably left a few hundred gripes and complaints out but you get the point: those who are NOT Catholics, really don’t WANT to be Catholics, but being the progressive devils they are, don’t want anyone else to be Catholic either. I wager that 95% of the people that complain about the Holy Roman Catholic Church are as likely to become Catholics as they are of volunteering to play door man on that famous express elevator to Hell.

So why are so many, so worked up over Catholicism? Because as long as the light of the Church is shining, the world cannot be returned to the darkened state it was in before that fateful day when the Father blessed us with only son.

The Light of Lights therefore is an immortal threat, to the complainer of complainers who refuse to believe there is but one “Open Door” button, on that infamous elevator and only He holds the key.