Alcohol Myths

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Myth:  White wine has more sugar & calories than red

Reality:  they’re the same.  Both have right at 150 calories per six-ounce glass, with less than 2 grams of sugar



Myth:  Beer is high in calories/if you’re dieting/watching calories, you should switch to liquor

Reality: one regular beer, one shot of liquor, and one glass of wine are all 120-150 calories.  (light beer 55 to 100 calories)

So the better bet if you’re watching calories is to stick with whatever you’ll drink less of/sip the slowest


Myth:  To reap any heart health benefits, it has to be red wine

Reality: although red wine has the additional antioxidant benefit from grape skins and seeds, all types of alcohol, including beer and liquor, are associated with lower risk of heart disease.

Moderate consumption of alcohol tends to raise ‘good’ HDL cholesterol, may help prevent blood clots, and can decrease levels of homocysteine—an amino acid linked to increased heart attack risk


“moderate” alcohol consumption:  not more than 1 drink a day for women, 2 for men

(News with a Twist – 3/13/13)