Concerned Citizens Plan To Search City Park For Missing Teacher

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monette vigil New Orleans Police are organizing a search for that missing Woodland West Elementary School Teacher.

It’s been a week since Terrilynn Monette disappeared.

“All night, all day, angels watching over me my lord,” the crowd sang.

It has been an emotionally draining week for those close to Monette.

For them the hours, and days since her mysterious disappearance have felt more like an eternity.

“We have a lot of questions and we don’t know why, and it’s very hard to go day after day not being able to have those questions answered,” one co-worker said.

And it is for those reasons that this community of friends, family, and co-workers has joined together in prayer.

They prayed for strength, and renewed hope.

“We believe we’re going to find her,” another co-worker said. “She’s out there and we’re going to find her.”

26-year old Terrilynn Monette was last seen early Saturday morning in the parking lot of parlay’s bar on Harrison Avenue  in Lakeview.

Friends say after a night of heavy drinking she decided to take a nap inside her car.

Investigators believe she walked out with a male acquaintance.

Even though no one has been named a suspect, family members suspect foul play.

“Let us pray for this individual who has taken Terrilynn to have the light cast into their soul and do the right thing that’s what I challenge that person to do right now,” a co-worker said. “Do the right thing and let Terrilynn go.”

For the past six days loved ones have led an exhaustive search for clues.

“All night, all day, angels watching over me, my Lord,” the crowd sang.

They say Friday night’s prayer vigil was a chance to recharge and refocus.

“We all need to rise up and remember to soar to keep strength,” another co-worker said. “He is with us, he’s going to see us through this and he’s going to bring her home.”

“Bring my baby home please,” Terrilynn’s mother Toni Enclade said. “That’s all I’m asking.” “If anyone has her, please bring her home,” she pleaded.

New Orleans Police are organizing a search of City Park Saturday morning at 10am.

Dozens of uniformed officers will take to the street; as well as officers on horseback.

The community is invited to take part in that search that will begin at the golf course driving range.

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