Nuclear Cowboyz Turn Freestyle Motocross into Choreographed Show

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Some of the top motocross stunt riders are descending on New Orleans this week.  They’re not here for a major competition but rather, a choreographed show set to lights and music.  Riders like Wes Agee are arguably more comfortable competing in the Red Bull X-Fighters than performing alongside acrobats or dancers.  However, he’s jumping in, wheels first!  “It’s pretty much all we had at first was the competition stuff, so it’s kinda cool to get in and do something like this and just have fun with it.”


Agee leads the Metal Mulisha in the unique freestyle motocross performance.  Nuclear Cowboyz combines internationally acclaimed riders with fire, lasers, music and performers.  In it, Agee’s Metal Mulisha joins Brody Wilson and the Soldiers of Havoc to save a post-apocalyptic world.  You may have watched Wilson in the X-Games, but in Nuclear Cowboyz you get to see his famous “kiss of death.”  Wilson says, “You’re just like floating through the air weightless feeling and I don’t know.  It’s a really tough one, it’s awesome though.  When you land it and you just feel great.”


These professional riders compete on an international stage and their biggest fans have a chance to meet them before the show with a very special VIP event called the Fallout Zone.  Youngsters Kole and Kyle Hartz said, “I got my hat signed and it was fun.  That I got my poster signed and my hat.”


If you’d like to check out these incredible riders for yourself, the Nuclear Cowboyz show will be March 8th and 9th at the New Orleans Arena.  Tickets for the Fallout Zone and the show are both available online at