NOPD wants to end Russian mob rumor surrounding missing teacher

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NEW ORLEANS (Lakeview) – All over Lakeview, you’ll find signs asking people to be on the lookout for missing teacher Terrilynn Monette.

“Everybody in the supermarket, in the bank, everyone is talking about it,” said neighbor Connie Segretto.

The conversation surrounding Monette is continuing on Facebook with claims making the rounds that the Russian Mafia moved into New Orleans shortly before the Super Bowl and that the group is looking to abduct women for human trafficking.  According to one post, the NOPD believes the group took Monette.

“Ridiculous; gotta be ridiculous,” said another Lakeview neighbor.

Turns out, the NOPD agrees with the man and is trying to squelch the rumor.

In a statement, NOPD Public Information Officer Frank Robertson said, “We’re receiving numerous phone calls from concerned woman about this vicious rumor that’s spreading within social media. We cannot substantiate this rumor, there are no prudent facts or evidence to support this claim. We are in in touch with other local law enforcement agencies and the federal authorities to make them aware of this hoax.”

Robertson told WGNO News that a similar rumor made the rounds a few months earlier that said the Russian mob set up shop in Jefferson Parish.  Robertson said, just like the New Orleans story, the claim was unsubstantiated.


  • rickia

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