Family of Missing Teacher Helping in Search, Praying for Safe Return

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The service at Abundant Life Church in Gretna has been described as emotional and up-lifting.

26-year old Terrilynn Monette was last seen early Saturday morning outside Parlay’s bar in Lakeview.

Investigators say she disappeared after a night of heavy drinking with friends.

Co-workers became worried when the Woodland West Elementary School teacher did not show up for work Monday.

Since then, the community has banded together to get the word out about her disappearance.

Monette’s family flew in Monday from Long Beach California to help with the search.

It’s been a difficult four days for friends, students, and coworkers who attended the prayer service.

“We miss you Terrilynn. Come home please. We just want you to come home. We just want you to come home. Be strong Terrilynn we know you can do it we know you’re a fighter. Be strong, be strong. Hold on a little longer,” Monette’s mother Toni Enclade said.”

“It’s been very hard. We’ve been trying to keep spirits up. Trying to stay positive. Lord knows we want a good outcome. We’re trying to keep the kids up and positive. We miss her very very much,” coworker Ronda Jones said.

Family members and friends are asking for the public to pray for Terrilynn’s safe return.

Meantime, they plan to canvass the area over the next several days until something turns up.


  • Virginia Garland

    God Bless Terrily Monette and bring her home to her loved ones. V.Garland
    God Bless you sister and bring you home to us.N. Monette

  • Virginia Garland

    God Bless you Terrilyn Monette and bring you home to your loved ones.

    God bring you home to us. N. Monette

  • Brittany

    My Prayers goes out to the family and search worker, we will find Terrily Monette safe and sound

  • Linda

    i pray to the Lord above to bring her back n peace. i have no understanding why would her friends allow her to rest in her car by her self. that's not what friends do. i give my blessing to family and the real friends.

  • Ann

    Exactly what I said .What friends would really just leave you sleep in the car and know you are intoxicated?hmmm sound fishy to me. .I just hope God opens a view for her family to find her safe and unharmed. There's some one out there that knows where she is or what may have happened.I ask that you just come forward even if its anoynomous to heal hearts of her loved ones, her staff, and students.In Jesus name we pray.

  • Delorice Richardson

    Our hearts and prayers go out to your family. We pray that she comes home safely. God will make that happen, just keep the FAITH.

  • Nakisha

    Terrilyn be strong and brave , help is on the way god is sending all his children to come bring you back to your family safe and unharmed.god bless the family , friends, students. Heal their hearts and make them whole again. Amen!!!

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