Dangers of cats playing with string

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METAIRIE, LA (WGNO) – Cats love anything that dangles, but there are real dangers to dangling yarn or strings for your furry friends.  At Southeast Veterinary Specialists, Lil Bit is recovering from surgery after eating more than a little bit of string.

Dr. Rose Lemarie says, “What happens with string is it gets caught on something and if you think of the intestinal track and string like a drawstring in your pants, or a drawstring in a pair of sweat pants, what happens is the string hangs on something and the intestine bunches up around it.”  Getting that string out it serious stuff- a major surgery that requires the vet to make incisions in the intestinal tract and repair any damage or holes.

The owners did the right thing when they saw this string hanging out of Lil Bit’s mouth.  They didn’t try to pull it out.  They simply cut it off and came straight to the vet.  Dr. Lemarie says, “They actually did the smart thing and did not pull because that’s very dangerous because if you see it coming out of one end of the cat or the other and you try to pull it, it can cause it to cut through the intestine or the GI tract and you don’t want to do that.”

So, keep the yarn out of reach to keep kitty safe and watch out for socks and towels with dogs.  Your best bet may be to go high tech!  Who needs real string when your cat can have an iPad?

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