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Behind the Scenes at Nuclear Cowboyz Freestyle Motocross Show

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What happens when you mix lasers, dancers and motocross with the producers of Disney on Ice? It’s a new show called Nuclear Cowboyz, coming to the New Orleans Arena March 8th and 9th. Members of the Nuclear Cowboyz are out to save a post-apocalyptic world… one wild stunt at a time!

Wes Agee is the leader of the show’s Metal Mulisha.  He says, “It’s a narrated, extreme show.  It’s hard to explain, there’s nothing out there like it.  So, it’s just got a little bit of everything with the dancing and the acrobats and the ridings.  It’s got back-flipping quads, dirt bikes.”  Organizer Jayme Dalsing says, “You take a typical freestyle show, you throw in lighting, pyro, lasers, dancers and acrobats and a storyline on top of it all and it creates a great, great show.”

In it, two rival biker gangs must team up to take on the Temptress and her Cyborg Army.  Between the death defying tricks, pyrotechnics, lasers, dancers and acrobats, the show keeps audience on the edge of their seats.  These tricks are tough enough for one person, but imagine having 25 performers out there at one time!?  That’s why they carefully choreograph and write down every single detail.  Dalsing says, “We have 3 jumps, the main one is usually about 73 feet.  The returns are about 72 feet and we keep it very consistent from week to week so the guys can get used to it and it’s the best distance for them to jump at.”

The creators know a thing or two about putting on a show.  Feld Entertainment also produces Disney on Ice and the Ringling Brothers Circus.  A look behind the scenes shows just how much coordination it takes: the props, the bikes, the Temptress’ ride, even the suits these guys when they enter the arena on fire!  Soldiers of Havoc rider Brody Wilson says, “You don’t have to know anything about dirt bikes or who we are.  You can sit there and enjoy it.  It’s cool.”

It’s a sensory overload unlike anything Motocross fans have ever seen before!

(News with a Twist – 3/5/13)