The New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board has some major problems

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The New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board (S&WB) has some major problems.  Not the board itself, but our water company, the water company for New Orleans residents.

The problem with the S&WB is how outdated and antiquated its infrastructure is.  The master plant on Claiborne Avenue near the Orleans/Jefferson Parish line is probably America’s oldest water purification facility.  Major portions of the facility, including how the plant is powered, go back over a century.

And now for the 2nd time in just the last few months, the S&WB has issued a “boil water warning” for New Orleans residents.

I’m pretty sure New Orleans is a major U.S. city and has been for centuries.  The fact that we have to occasionally boil our water, like a third world country, isn’t just an inconvenience but is entirely unacceptable.

The over 100 year old sewerage and water system in New Orleans is in desperate need of replacement.   The cost: around $3.5 billion.  We can either pay for it with a  higher water bill or we can leave the system as it is and expect more boil advisories.

Obviously, being a tourist and convention city, we don’t have the luxury of being 2nd rate and waiting to fix the problem.  Can’t have hotel guests boiling their water.  Can’t have a  boil advisory during a Superbowl.  It’s time we fix the problem once and for all.  A higher priced water bill is the only way.