Kenner Police: Drunk driver responsible for death of unborn child

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KENNER, LA (WGNO) – Kenner police blame a habitual drunk driver for causing a crash that killed an unborn child and put the mother in intensive care.

Neighbor Jaimie Ewart says the condition of the unborn baby was the primary concern for two injured women in a mangled Mitsubishi Gallant, “It was leaking fluid all over and it was smoking big-time. The entire engine was smashed in.”

Police say a drunk driver crashed into them at Alabama Avenue and Vintage drive.

“I`m sorry for the woman,” says Ewart.  “I knew that was no good. I knew something was wrong because she was really in a lot of agony. A lot of pain.”

“She went through surgery last night,” says Sergeant Brian McGregor.   “And from the last time we spoke to the hospital she was in critical condition.”

Tire skid marks entrenched in the grass and shattered car debris still in the street shows the force of the collision’s impact, which sent neighbors like Ewart running to help, “I was in the back bedroom and I heard the crash. You come running out? Came running out and I saw the car smoking, I said oh my god.”

“He has been arrested numerous times since 1992 for DWI,” says McGregor, referring to 48 year old Bernal Aguilar, arrested at the scene.

With six prior drunk driving arrests Aguilar ad’s feticide’ to the list of charges this time, “Killing of an unborn infant,” says McGregor. “We made contact with the district attorney`s office regarding his latest arrest and he has killed someone.”

Aguilar’s driver’s license was suspended 730 days ago.

Another motorist saw Aguilar driving the wrong way down Chateau Blvd. just before the crash.

Aguilar’s blood alcohol registered .156 … Almost twice the legal limit.

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  • Carnage

    Why are known drunk drivers even allowed on the road? And, don't say his license was already suspended as he so obviously was in a vehicle that killed someone. If the court system did a better job of jailing drunk drivers, at least one life could have been saved.

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