12-year old Boy Makes Promise To Help Dogs and Cats for Lent

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For Lent, 12-year old, Ethan Carroll isn’t giving up treats like chocolate, he’s giving out treats.

“We have dog treats right here.  We have some chewing bones and some collars.”

This 7th grader loves animals, so he’s made it his mission to collect as much as he can for the dogs and cats at the St. Tammany Humane Society.

“It just makes me feel like I’m really helping.  Usually when people give something up it’s because they have to.  This really matters,”  he said.

His dad, Tim Carroll is proud of his son’s efforts.  He knows his son’s heart is in the right place.  This is the 4th Lent that he’s done this.  Each year he continues to collect more goods for the animals.

“He’s giving something to animals at shelters, who are defenseless.  Giving them hope is heart-warming,”  Carroll said.

Ethan said the best part of giving back is making the animals feel good.

“When they see me they start to jump around a lot because they see me carrying everything.  It feels like I’m doing something good”  the 7th grader said.

He has set up a Facebook account.  On the Facebook page, it lists items the dogs and cats need.


If you’d like to help Ethan with his Lent project, call Tim Carroll at 504-655-1381 or email plantim1024@yahoo.com.

He’ll be collecting items up until Easter.  After Easter, him and his Dad will deliver everything collected to the St. Tammany Humane Society.