East Bank of Orleans Parish is Under A 24 Hour Boil Water Advisory

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A precautionary boil water advisory was issued for 24 hours on the East Bank of New Orleans due to a fire in the boiler room that caused a power outage at the Sewerage and Water Board plant Sunday morning.

A fire in the boiler room caused the power failure at the Sewerage & Water Board plant.  It happened around 9 on Sunday morning.   The fire was quickly put out, and nobody was injured.  This incident caused some water pressure to fail and may have opened up the way for water contamination.

Local leaders are asking that you don’t drink the water, unless you boil it for at least one minute, and then let it cool down.  The boil advisory is in effect for the entire East Bank of New Orleans for the next 24 hours.   This includes most of New Orleans including The French Quarter, Uptown, and Central Business District.  It takes at least 24 hours for officials to figure out if there’s potentially dangerous bacteria in the water.  Drinking water could lead to diarrhea.  They are advising not to cook, brush your teeth, or drink the water unless it’s boiled.

Officials said it’s okay to shower or bathe as long as you don’t have any open wounds.  They don’t recommend using water that’s not boiled to give your pet or child a bath.   No word yet on whether the boil advisory will affect schools in Orleans Parish tomorrow.