NOPD Hope Visual Aids Help Accountability

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serpas2 New Orleans Police have come up with a new strategy to ensure accountability.

It’s a small visual aid the department hopes goes a long way.

Eileen Loh and her pit-bull mix ‘Twiggy’ live in the Marigny; an area located a short distance away from this dog park that falls in the NOPD’s 5th District.

She says she and her neighbors are pleased with police performance.

“Overall the cops in my neighborhood have been responsive,” Loh said.

So it’s no surprise that she’s excited to hear about the NOPD’s new plan to keep up the good work.

For roughly sixteen years New Orleans Police have held weekly accountability meetings, known as Constant Meetings.

They’re open to the public; and they’re intended to help the department reach its goals and objectives.

Those goals are broken down by areas of town or districts.

“So you have a mix, you have a mix bag,” New Orleans Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas explained. “You have what does the department need to do better and what does each district and division need to do better and then how these two things come together.”

New this week — those objectives have been printed on placards that have been posted in the weekly meeting room as visual reminders for police and the public.

You’ll notice each area of town has uniquely different goals.

Chief Serpas points to Uptown as an example.

“In the 2nd district crime of armed robbery was an issue in 2011 and a little bit in 2012, so they said we want to make this one of our top goals,” Serpas said.

Police who patrol the French Quarter and busy Bourbon Street have a different set of goals.

“In the 8th district one of their goals is going to have to do with having to be the best police department in the world at making people feel welcome,” Serpas explained.

And the lists go on.

Eileen thinks the placards will help keep the department focused.

“It makes a lot of sense that they would have that, and just to have it visually so they can look at is just smart,” Loh said. “It’s just a good idea. It can’t hurt.”

Departmental Comstat meetings are held every Friday morning at 8:30am.

Each district will now discuss how well it’s addressing goals printed on the posted placards.

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