Suspect Arrested In Uptown Shooting And Carjacking

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New Orleans Police have made a break in an Uptown shooting and carjacking.

It was a case that rocked the Uptown community, and a case that for 5-months had remained unsolved; that was until now.

“We are just so excited that they’ve finally put someone behind bars,” the victim’s mother-in-law Ann Williams said. “Justice is done.”

It was back in October when Sanford Kaynor was shot and carjacked outside his Camp Street home; investigators say  by a group of at least three men.

byron_johnsonThursday 20-year old Byron Johnson was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

“Hopefully they will stay there and they will not be out on the street to hurt someone else,” Williams said.

We caught up with Kaynor’s mother-in-law outside the family’s home.

She told us off camera, that the Uptown attorney is still being treated for his injuries by specialists in Chicago.

“It’s world renowned for helping people with spinal cord and brain injuries; and they are working with him every day and, we hope there is light at the end of the tunnel,” Williams said.

“I just hope he recovers and feels safe in his own home again,” one neighbor said.

Investigators say several of the victim’s stolen belongings were tracked and recovered from Johnson’s home in New Orleans East, soon after the crime was committed.

Detectives have since worked carefully and methodically to develop a strong case against him.

“We have used forensic evidence as well as physical evidence to point toward Mr. Johnson’s involvement,” said NOPD Lt. Frank Young.

“I’m very pleased because this has been a good neighborhood for a very long time so it appears we’re getting closer to justice,” neighbor Shannon Bowers said.

Police are following leads in the case and they expect to announce another arrest soon.