It’s time to honor Ruby Bridges

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Do you know we have a legitimate American hero living amongst us?  Ruby Bridges is a historic figure who is only 58 years old today, but she was making history in our city – in our country – when she was only 6!

The reason I bring up Ruby Bridges is because she was mentioned during a sitcom last night on TV (The New Adventures of Old Christine; season 1, episode 6).  I thought to myself, “that’s New Orleans’ own Ruby Bridges, the first black student to integrate a school in the entire south!”  It happened right here in New Orleans in 1960.


Ruby Bridges Hall speaking at Algiers Point temporary branch library, New Orleans. (21 September 2010, Photo by Infrogmation (talk) of New Orleans)

Last night, I was reading about Ruby Bridges and was amazed to learn that an elementary school in Alameda, California is named in her honor.   I was very proud to be a New Orleanian at that moment, and then a little shocked that a New Orleans elementary school isn’t named after her in her hometown.

We are presently in the middle of a nearly $2 billion school construction blitz in Orleans Parish.  Dozens and dozens of schools are being built.  It’s time to name an elementary school after a real, living American hero.  It’s time to name a school in honor of Ruby Bridges.