Hail Storm Leaves Glass Shops Bustling With Business

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hail Property owners scrambled to make repairs after Sunday night’s hail storm.

“It’s going to be a busy week,” Star Auto Glass employee Linda Falgoust said.

Glass repair shops on the West Bank are bustling with business.

“Harvey, Gretna, Marrero; people getting major damage on their vehicle from the hail storm,” Falgoust said.

Sunday night’s storm packed a punch. It put cars and homes through round after round of heavy rain, strong winds, and sheets of large hail.

“Yeah that’s when I heard it coming and I ran outside to see what was happening and it was coming down so hard,” property owner Meranda Lamb said.

Hail damage is wide-spread on the West Bank.

Dozens of cars have dings; some even have cracked or shattered glass.

“My car window was all busted up and I went to the back and they had messed up my patio in the back yard,” Lamb said.

This car is just one of several being repaired at Star Auto Glass.

“It broke the back window, the hail did,” Falgoust said.

The top of the car is covered with noticeable dings.

A short distance away, at Julius Lips Doors & Glass Inc., Linda Snay is busy helping customers whose homes were damaged during the storm.

“We’ve gotten calls on glaze and bead,” Snay said. “We’ve gotten calls on broken glass.”

And given the forecast calls for more severe weather, property owners are hoping for the best while bracing for worse.

“As big as they said the hail was last night, there’s no protecting the glass,” Falgoust said. “You can see how it dented the metal.”

“I’m going to go and get me some covers to cover my windows and stuff because I don’t have a garage,” Lamb said.

By 10pm Monday, the worst of the weather had passed the metro area.

There were reports of property damage, but not as widespread as Sunday night.


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