WATCH LIVE: NOPD gives details on Bourbon Street brawl that injured two officers

Explosives Inside a Pick-Up Truck Prompts Mid-City Evacuation

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New Orleans police are trying to find out who parked a vehicle with explosives at a Mid-City bank.

A mounted NOPD officer found eight suspicious incendiary devices inside a Ford F-150 pickup parked since Friday at a Whitney Bank near Canal Street and N.  Jefferson Davis Parkway.

When the officer opened the vehicles door police say something activated the incendiary devices because they began to sizzle, smolder and smoke.

Police taped off a two block radius and called in the federal bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives.

“The truck was up against the fence actually in the drive up lane says Karen Mosca who evacuated from next door at Archer Chiropractic Center. “Police said that there was a suspicious item in a car and that it may have been a bomb.”

The bomb squad analysis later revealed those devices, including one that had a timer and fuse, could have triggered an explosion.

Police say whoever is responsible faces a federal charge.

The A.T.F. is leading the investigation.

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  • proud americam

    Why isnt there info on this situation? Had this happened in time square it would make world news for days. Are there any arrest, leads, or was it part of a terr plot or just someone mad at a business or person near the scene? The fact that this situation was swept under the rug makes me wonder about iteven more….

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