BP Civil Trial Begins Along With Finger Pointing

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It could be weeks before the judge in the civil BP trial makes any decisions.  But on the first day Monday, all of the companies involved wasted no time pointing fingers.

Some protestors waited outside the Hale Boggs Federal Building to make their points to all the parties involved about how the worse environmental disaster in American history affected their lives.

Inside the courtroom, attorneys for the companies began deflecting blame and assigning it where they could.

BP has received most of the public criticism for the massive oil leak because it oversaw drilling operations on the platform.

But BP is trying to place blame on Halliburton.

The company that made the blowout preventer  is already saying its device could only prevent a blowout, not stop one that was already underway.

“It’s like hitting the brakes on your car after the accident,” an attorney for the Cameron International Corporation told U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier.

The trial is expected to take weeks.  The companies could face billions of dollars in fines and penalties.